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Plastic or paper: Which bag is less harmful to the environment?

A British supermarket chain is raising the price of its reusable plastic bags as a test and introducing a paper version. Paper bags will be available in only eight Morrisons stores as part of a two-month experience. The network said the reduction of plastic was the main environmental concern of its customers. Paper bags remain popular in… Read More »

What is Facebook LOL, the memes and videos platform with which the social network wants to win back adolescents

Humor phrases, images and videos reflect everyday situations and are especially popular with young people who use platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat to share them. Now Facebook wants to use them to win back the teenagers, who are abandoning the social network at a dramatic pace. # 10YearsChallenge: How to disable facebook facial… Read More »

Mosquitoes: drinking beer increases the number of stings

Brazil is one of the countries that drink the most beer in the world, with a consumption of about 70 liters per year per person. What is certain is that in summer becomes more, because for many people the hottest season of the year “asks” a cold. But you have to be careful. Some experts warn that this… Read More »